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  • Nike Dunks

    Designed by Peter Moore and originally called the College Color High, the Nike Dunk sneaker epitomizes the classic '80s shoe with a modern reinterpretation.In 1985, Nike introduced the Dunk as a college basketball shoe. Within just a few years, skateboarders embraced the design for its flexibility and protection, which led to the introduction of the Nike SB and Nike SB Dunks.The Nike Dunk is one of Nike's most versatile and celebrated athletic footwear offerings, crossing boundaries from the college basketball court to the skate park, and even the high-fashion runway, and since its debut in 1985, it has seamlessly adapted to every subculture it encountered.

    Now a cultural icon, the Dunk is known for its ability to transcend sport, style, and culture, amassing a loyal following across a variety of scenes. Like its Air Force 1 and Jordan 1 cousins, the Dunk's understated yet stylish design paved the way for endless colorway variations, making it an ideal canvas for bold color blocking and artistic expression. 

    Nike Dunk shoes from ckshoes provide an excellent means to pay homage to past designs while injecting a fresh perspective into the new decade. Explore the finest high-top silhouettes and Nike Dunk Low profile sneakers available in a myriad of colorways and styles that perfectly complement your unique streetwear aesthetic now via ckshoes.

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