Jordan 1 Low Multi-Color Sashiko

Nickname: Multi-Color Sashiko Jordan 1 Low

Sku: FV3623-151


Released Date10/24/2023

Size: It is available for Men and Women

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Product Details of Jordan 1 Low Multi-Color Sashiko

As the name suggests, jordan 1 low multi color sashiko employs a multiplicity of colors. The standout feature is the traditional Japanese embroidery technique of Sashiko, which means "small thorn" in Japanese and consists of a series of densely stitched patterns. On the Jordan 1 Low, this technique is used to create a visual tapestry that intertwines tradition with modern sneaker design. The stitching patterns are not only decorative, but also symbolic, representing resilience, craftsmanship and the intrinsic connection between tradition and innovation.

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