Nike Air Force 1 Low Kith Hawaii

Nickname: Kith Air Force 1 Hawaii



Release Date08/20/2021

Size: It is available for Men and Women

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Item Details of Kith Hawaii Air Force 1 

The Nike Air Force 1 Low Kith Hawaii is a sneaker that combines the aesthetics of street clothing with a tropical vibe, capturing the essence of Hawaii's paradise. This sneaker embodies the vibrant vitality, lush green plants, and leisurely atmosphere of the Hawaiian Islands, transforming it into a wearable artwork.

The Kith Air Force 1 Hawaii a series of design elements that evoke tropical spirit. The shoe is adorned with lush floral patterns, reminiscent of Hawaiian shirts and the rich vegetation on the island. The vibrant palette, including green, blue, and coral, adds playful and lively colors to the classic Air Force 1 silhouette.  Coincidentally with the quality of Nike and Kith, this pair of kith hawaii air force 1 showcases high-quality materials. This sneaker features a combination of smooth leather and suede, adding luxury and depth to the complex floral design. The attention to detail is evident in every stitch, making kith hawaii af1 not only a sports shoe, but also a showcase of craftsmanship. 

The af1 kith hawaii right was released on August 2021. And now full size available in crewkicks.

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